This is the cyber portal that can turn you into an instant arts philanthropist:


For everyone born before 1965, remain calm; we take checks. Email for the mailing address. Note checks must be written to Fractured Atlas with "cakeface" in the memo or they will shove it down a chute where millions of forlorn unmemo’d checks are exiled.

And good news: the Feds agree, donations to cakeface are tax-deductible. cakeface is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions in behalf of cakeface may be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

All amounts are zestfully accepted, just dig in your couch and send us the change. You can keep the pennies and Cheetos.

Scads of philanthropists have been manufactured here. We salute you, Ambassadors of Art:

Dave de Vinck
Lillian Coscia
Lydia Muar/New Vision Property
Mandy Ringger
Deborah Chyun
Bobby + Reary Demas
Joseph Demas
Ambrose Martos
Martin Podorsky
Cary Hite
Helen Lowe
Lou + Cathy Pietronuto
John Boris
Michael Foley
Jamie Demas
Justin Krebs
Victoria Scanga
Patrick Pizzolorusso
Julie Mac
Cathy Richards
Jennette Harshman
Jody Demas
Amy Jacobus
Irfana Jetha
Erin Loughran
Christina Acosta
Jordan Oyediran
Chris + Melanie Szeglowski
Deb Long
Diane Jacobowitz
Bud + Audrey Hayes
James & Monica Thompson
Joe + Alina O’Neill
Barbara Owens
Nana O’Neill
Jay Rao
Hope Goldman
Stephanie Fagen
James Stanley
Bruce Englander
Samantha Huggins
Mandy Dinkin
Edward McKeaney
Christina Burns
Virginia Nicholson
Laura Stein
Cara West

and cake’s royal court.

Joan + Chet Szeglowski
Christina Acosta
Dave de Vinck
Mandy Ringger
Trevor J. Martin
Florence Baratay